Ladies! It’s Time To Do Some Heavy Lifting!

Heavy Weights? No Problem! – Women’s Weight Lifting Advice

As women, we just don’t give ourselves enough credit in the gym.  In general, we tend to lift too light and fear heavy weights.  However, this goes against the better women’s weight lifting advice out there.  I’ve spent years in the weight rooms of various gyms watching women gravitate to the 5 and 10 pound weights and shy away from even a 15-pounder.

This happens for a few reasons: 

1. Not enough confidence in your form and technique to lift heavier

2. Fear of getting big and bulky

3. There are big sweaty guys using the heavier weights.  

Ok, the first 2 are legit reasons, the third is just a bad excuse!

Ladies' and Women's Weight Lifting Advice

Gain The Knowledge for Proper Women’s Strength Training

If you are concerned about form and technique, I’ve got some great advice for you!  Find a beginner strength or lifting class (like our Iron Tribe 101 Introduction Class), to teach you proper women’s weight lifting form.  It’s important to be knowledgeable on how to execute lifts correctly before the weight gets too heavy.  So get out there and gain the knowledge you need to pick up heavier weights.  Your muscles will thank you and you’ll like the results!

Bulky Is Not In The Plan

Now in response to reason number 2, the fear of getting big and bulky.  This is a common misperception that we carry around with us. If you’ve seen the ladies who take part in bodybuilding competitions you may worry that your muscles will look like that if you lift too heavy. Rest assured, that’s not going to happen for general women’s weight lifting and strength training. 

The women who take part in those competitions are doing a very specific type of lifting that general weight lifters don’t take part in.  They spend many hours a week doing this very specific weight training; 5 to 6 days per week, anywhere from 1-3 hours per workout depending on where they’re at in their training cycle.  Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to put in nearly the time they do so your results won’t look the same!  Think 4-5 days of physical activity for at least 45 minutes including strength training and cardiovascular activity. 

And their nutrition is very clean and extremely structured.  Definitely not the Standard American Diet (SAD) and not even the average workout person’s nutrition.  Think chicken, turkey, fish, and repeat.  Please don’t think that your nutrition has to be this strict to gain results.  Focus on 80% healthy eating and 20% less-than-healthy choices.  You’ll still see results and you’ll have many more foods available to you than a restrictive, professional bodybuilding diet. 

No Fear – Let’s Get Lifting Ladies!

So ladies!  Please don’t be afraid of those heavy weights!  Learn the proper foundations of women’s weight training so you lift correctly.  Also, know that what bodybuilders are doing is a very specific training program, including restrictive nutrition.  What you will be doing is very different and will yield different results!

And as for reason number 3, just walk right past those big sweaty guys and get the weights you need!  Who knows, they may even be impressed by your form!  After learning proper techniques, you may even be able to give them a tip or two on proper weight lifting practices.

Next month we’ll talk about the differences between men and women’s bodies and why we don’t build muscles the same way men do.     

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