Are You Ready To Be Different?

What Are You Going To Do Differently?

“What I’ve been doing isn’t working.”  This is a common phrase often repeated by frustrated people at the end of their ropes about their health and how they feel.  So we have to ask the question of “If you don’t like where you’re at, what are you willing to change? What are you going to do differently?” 

It’s hard to do change the way we do things.  It’s easier to keep the routines of life and hope that something will change.  But the statement above says it all.  It’s not working.  Good health and wellness doesn’t happen by accident or by hoping, and it doesn’t happen in 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 6 months.  It takes planning and consistency.   It takes honesty with yourself and with those whom you’ve chosen to hold you accountable.   You need to take a good hard look at what you’re actually doing.  Revisit your goals and figure out what you need to do differently to make them happen.

Change Behavior Patterns

Here is a common conversation about nutrition.  When asked what a client ate for the last 2 days,  the client responds with,  “Well what I ate the last few days isn’t what I normally eat.”  Ok.  How about you keep a journal for the next week and lets take a look at that.  Again, “Well, I have a party this weekend, and then work meetings.  So it won’t be my normal nutrition.” 

What we’re starting to see here is a pattern.  You’re eating is never “normal.”  There is always something happening that makes your food intake look different then what you think it should. 

The same thing happens with working out. Lets look at how much time you actually make it to the gym.  Many people will answer what they know the coach wants to hear.  “3 times a week!  Except for last week I only made it in once.   And the week before twice.  But the week before that was 3!” 

You see the pattern.  You have plans of 3 days a week, but the reality is 1 maybe 2 days.  And we can see why what you’re doing isn’t working. 

If this sounds like you, what are you willing to change?

Maybe saying no once in a while to a last minute invite with friends to go out to dinner.  These outings, while fun, may become detrimental to what you want for your health.  Is it taking away time you set aside to workout?  And how good is eating out for your nutrition goals? 

What about having trouble getting up in the morning to workout?   How about going to bed 30 minutes earlier so when your alarm goes off on a workout morning you can resist the urge to hit snooze and get up and go?  Be honest with yourself about the choices you make.

Are You Living Life Like You Want?

I know, I know.  Life is short.  You only live once.  We need to be able to have fun!  But let’s also look at the quality of life you’re living.  How do you feel day to day?  Do you get out of breath going up the stairs at work and hit the wall daily in the afternoon?  Do you get through daily life activities with enough energy to do the fun things you want to participate in?  Are you living life the way you want?  If no, then it goes back to you needing to do things differently. 

I truly believe that we should have balance in life. That you should go out and play and enjoy a good meal out with friends or your partner.  That it shouldn’t all be about sacrifice and good choices.  But my heart is continually broke by people who show up at the gym or contact me and are frustrated that they don’t feel good and know they need to be in better shape to handle life today and into the future.  (We’ll save the conversation of how the choices of today will affect how you live in the future for another day.)  But having fun shouldn’t be a constant  detriment to your health and wellness.  It isn’t one or the other, you can have balance between fun and health.  Now what do you need to do differently to find that balance? And be honest! 

Believe in yourself that you can feel better, that you can do better.  You don’t have to be stuck where you are!  But (and there’s always a but), you’re going to have to be willing to do things differently.  Lay those goals out and really commit to them!  Do it different!

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