Stop Staring At The Number Between Your Feet! You Know, The Scale!

Could We Please Forget About the Scale and Focus on Something Else?

We are obsessed with the scale.  For many it controls our daily lives.  Our self-esteem.  Our food choices.  Our self-talk.  Our mood.

If the number on the scale is “good” then so are we!  If the number on the scale isn’t where you want it (bad), then nothing is ok.

And if that number isn’t moving down, then we start to label things as failing or unsuccessful.  We tell ourselves that we “aren’t trying hard enough” or that “I knew this wouldn’t work” or worse, “I told you that you’d fail”.  The negative self-talk that comes with the scale is unbelievable, unrealistic and unproductive.

We are so focused on that number moving down, that we lose sight of everything else we may be doing good.

Increased Health

So what if we toss out the scale?  What if we stopped making it and our weight the focus of our “success?”  What if we made increased health our goal instead?

And let’s focus on the things you can really control! Things like eating whole foods:  fruits, vegetables, healthily raised and cooked meat and seafood.  Things like: avoiding fried foods and foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.  Focus on the fact that you hit your goal of 4 workouts this week.  That your water intake was way up and that your soda intake was way down.

These are all really great achievements and important steps to becoming healthier!  And wouldn’t you want to be healthy (lots of energy, the ability to take on all your daily tasks, positive mental attitude, healthier heart,Forget About The Scale lower stress), rather than staring down at a number between your feet?

The Scale Has A Mind Of Its Own

Unfortunately you can’t control the scale the way you want to.  You can go weeks without seeing much of a change, and that can be discouraging.  Your body doesn’t know that you want to drop 3 pounds a week for the next 2 months.  It actually doesn’t care.  It will drop the weight the way it wants and on the timeline it wants unless you do something extreme and unhealthy (please don’t do that!). Some weeks it may drop 4 pounds and some weeks nothing at all.  You just don’t know.

It isn’t a perfect relationship of food intake and exercise output equaling X amount of weight dropped.  If it was the perfect relationship, we would know exactly how much you would have to exercise and eat to drop 1 pound.  (And although we told you we had that equation down in the 90’s and early 2000’s, we just don’t.)

There are lots of other ways to judge your health, fitness and success!  Let’s make those part of your next goal instead of chaining yourself to that darn scale!

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