It Isn’t The Bananas….


I can’t eat bananas, they make me gain weight.

To some this may sound like a crazy statement, but it has been said to me more than once.  Why do people think this is true about bananas?

Let’s be realistic about this.  The obesity epidemic that we are currently experiencing in the U.S. was not caused by people eating too much fruit.  78 million adults and 13 million children deal with obesity every day and there is plenty of data and research to tell us why.  Here is a top level explanation: We rely on fast, easy food that is loaded with added sugars, trans fats and additives. These processed foods may have made life easier in the short term, but the long term issues created are scary.

What does a banana have added to it?  Nothing.  Has it been processed?  Nope.  It contains 3 grams of fiber, Vitamins B6 and C, Potassium, Copper, Biotin and Antioxidants.  All things your body needs!


People will bring up the fact that bananas contain sugar.  Yes, they do have sugar.  In fact, each one has 14 grams of sugar.  But wrapped up with that sugar are the great things mentioned above, including fiber!  All put in there by nature, naturally and unprocessed.  Fruit sugar is different from added sugar!

And let’s talk about some foods that have added sugar.  Your grande vanilla latte has 35 grams of sugar, a cup of Raisin Bran cereal has 18 grams.  You’ll find 39 grams in a can of Coke.  All these foods are way less healthy than that poor banana that you may believe is the weight gain culprit.  And the American Diabetes Association recommends diabetics to eat bananas.  So that tells you something about the sugar in a banana!

It’s Not The Banana

It’s not the banana that is making you fat.  It is the other choices you are making.  We often think in our heads that we eat healthy, but the best way to find out is to keep a food journal for at least 2 weeks.  That will tell you exactly what you are eating.  Somehow we tend to underestimate the less healthy choices we are eating and over estimate that healthy foods. This leads us to think, “yeah, I’m not doing too bad.”  But the reality when you start tracking, may show something completely different.  And you may find that you make little changes here and there since you don’t want to have to write something down.

And you don’t have to add in a banana if you don’t want, but do add in fresh fruits and vegetables!  And take a closer look at the rest of your nutrition intake before you blame the banana for your weight gain.

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