Interested Vs Committed To Your Health

Are you Interested or Committed To Your Health

Are You Interested Or Committed? 

Interested vs Committed

Are you interested or are you committed?  I heard that question today in a pod cast that I was listening to.  That is a loaded and heavy question…  Are you committed to better health or just interested in better health? Do want to feel better, move better, tackle life better or do you manage to find daily reasons to not make it to the gym or make healthier choices for meals?

I have been in the fitness industry a long time; 20+ years.  I’ve met a lot of folks interested in becoming healthier, but those committed are few and far between.  The committed are willing to take the time to do it right, are not looking for the quick fix and want to be held accountable. 

The interested, they provide a lot of talk about what they know they should do and then follow that up with a lot of talk about all the reasons why they can’t seem to make it work.  I know I need to eat healthier, I don’t have the time to prepare.  I know I need to exercise, but it never fits my schedule. 

Sacrifice And Set Backs

Finding better health is not an easy journey.  It is fraught with emotional and physical pain.  Set backs.  And worst of all: SACRIFICE!  But how much of a sacrifice is it if on this journey you find better health?

Why is that we are we willing to sacrifice good health for bad food choices or skip a workout to sleep in?  But we aren’t willing to sacrifice the bad food choice or sleeping in for good health?  Can you steal 15 minutes of sleep 3 times a week and 30 minutes of TV time 3 times a week to add 45 minutes of exercise 3 times a week? These smaller sacrifices 3 times a week may lead you to more energy and better health.  Way worth it! 

Sacrifice is  hard!  If it wasn’t hard we would not have the health epidemic that we have in this country.  It’s hard to prioritize better health and sometimes we wait until it is too late. 

I understand this.  Sit down with a coach a trainer, someone to hold you to commitment.  Talk about how to take you from interested to committed.  I know healthy eating and exercise work.  I know it’s hard.  I know it takes sacrifice.  But I really do know  being committed can change your life. 

Don’t Wait For Tomorrow

Heart disease won’t wait till tomorrow. High blood pressure won’t wait till tomorrow.  High cholesterol won’t wait till tomorrow.  Diabetes won’t wait till tomorrow.  Weight gain won’t wait till tomorrow.  Joint pain won’t wait till tomorrow…. You get the picture!


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