Confidence Is A Magical Thing!

Confidence is a Magical Thing!

There are a lot of frustrating things that can come with working in the fitness industry.  I have heard so many excuses and crazy health ideas that make me want to run screaming for the hills!

I am too busy. I don’t have time. I found a program that only takes 15 minutes 3 times a week (what?).  All I have to do is take a pill and not workout. I found this machine that I attach to me and it works while sleep. I don’t really want to work hard.  Aren’t just 2 days enough? 

But then, just as often, something magical can happen…

You watch people really change.  You can see it happen.  It’s not only the physical, but the mental change and their inner confidence as well.  My very first job in the fitness industry involved me teaching a class called Women on Weights, or WOW for short.  It was a way to introduce women to the free weight room and different lifts using mainly those free weights.

The first time a woman would come to class, they were timid and nervous about just walking in the dreaded free weight room, much less picking up a weight heavier than 5 pounds!  But with training, education about why they needed to lift weights (and not just use those boring weight machines), and modifications, I could watch that same woman bloom into a confident user of free weights.

I love the transformation!  Yes, the health benefits of lifting weights that are challenging are well documented and plentiful!  Yes, the ladies always got stronger and move past the 5 pound dumbbells!  But almost more than the health benefits is the change in the confidence of a woman that can happen when they learn to really work their body in a place that has typically been scary and mysterious.   

They would walk in the free weight room after a few weeks or a month, look at the workout and go over and pick up a heavy weight and get working!  Gone was the insecurity of being in the room!  They owned it!  No longer timid or intimidated!  It is a magical thing to witness!  Self-confidence is a wonderful thing!

ConfidenceWe as women have sold ourselves short on what we can do in the gym lifting weights.  It makes me so sad to ever hear a women say, “Oh, there is no way I could ever do that!  I’m not strong enough!”  There is no reason we can’t do every lift that exists in this world!  We may need to start light, modify and work our way into it, but just because we don’t know how to do it now, it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn it!

Please don’t sell yourself short on anything, but especially your health and fitness.  Just because it looks intimidating or heavy or overwhelming, doesn’t mean it can’t be done!  The confidence shift that can happen in you could spill into other areas of your life!  Look out!!! 🙂

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