Strength Classes

The Strength Classes offered at Iron Tribe Fitness Redmond are designed to complement your regular ITF programming.  The Strength Class a “slowed down” opportunity to refine your technique and get exposure to a higher complexity of exercises than the general Iron Tribe class.

Details About Strength Classes:

  • Your Strength Classes Focus More on Strength Training Side of Fitness Using Primarily Olympic Lifting
  • You Will Work on a Smaller Number of Reps Building to Heavier Weight
  • You Will Focus on the Form and Technique of More Complex Olympic Lifting
  • Each Strength Class is Dedicated to Working on Your Technique First; Only Then do You Increase Your Weight as Your Strength Allows

The Iron Tribe Strength Classes are for any athlete who realizes that strength matters in the gym and in everyday life.

Iron Tribe Strength Classes

What Does Getting Started Look Like?

  • Come in to meet us and see the gym!  When you walk through the door you will first notice your Iron Tribe gym doesn’t look like a normal big box gym.  You will not spend time running on a boring treadmill counting the minutes or putting in revolutions on an elliptical machine….  No rows and rows of intimidating dumbbells and mirrors….  We are different.  Your results will be different.
  • Your goals are important!  What do you really want to accomplish and why you haven’t been successful in the past?   What do you want your health and fitness to look like?  What is wellness to you?  What do we need to know about you for you to be successful?  You will learn all about us too and how we can help you meet those goals and find success.
  • Enrolling in the next 101 introductory class is the final step.  You will be with athletes just like you that are learning the Iron Tribe Redmond way for success!

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